Natural as it is to let your hair down in casual podcasts about business and life, these candid off-the-cuff remarks can come back to bite you, including in multi-million dollar lawsuits where judges weigh podcast statements more than sworn testimony. That is a cautionary headline for everyone, set forth on page 10 of a recent

In a win for corporate boards and vindication of directors at McDonald’s Corporation, the Delaware Chancery Court in McDonald’s II dismissed all shareholder claims that directors violated their oversight duties amid a toxic corporate culture. Four takeaways from Vice Chancellor Laster’s opinion offer valuable guidance for corporate directors in today’s volatile world.  Read more

Delaware recently delivered two important legal changes that officers, directors and shareholders should be thinking about. First, a Delaware court last month held that officers, like directors, owe their companies a duty of oversight. Second, the Delaware legislature last year authorized companies to amend their charters to immunize officers, as well as directors, for

The stated purpose of the Pileggi Lecture is to create an opportunity for those “distinguished” in corporate law and governance to address those “most responsible for shaping it:” the Delaware bench and bar. The message I’d like to share is: you are doing an excellent job, and please keep it up. A few takeaways upfront: